CLH, CPAs & Consultants is pleased to announce the recent employee advancements of Kylee Fraze Norman, CPA, and Edward Simokaitis, CPA. Kylee Fraze Norman recently advanced into the role of Senior Manager and Edward Simokaitis became an officially licensed CPA.

Fraze Norman joined CLH in 2015 with extensive experience in state and local tax matters. Over the years with CLH, CPAs & Consultants, she has taken on additional responsibilities in managing staff and business development. Said Robert W. Lange, III, CPA and Partner at CLH, “We appreciate Kylee’s dedication to the firm. Her research into state and local tax matters has been particularly beneficial for our clients as well as the development of our staff.” He continued, “We look forward to her future contributions in this role as she helps us grow the firm, assists in developing our staff, and builds into the local community through her involvement in local nonprofit organizations.”

Simokaitis became a part of CLH in 2017 with a background in wealth management. “We were pleased that Ed had already passed all four sections of the CPA exam when became a staff member at CLH,” remarked Tony Gillisse, CPA and Partner at CLH. “Ed has worked hard over the last two years to satisfy Indiana’s licensure requirements of verified accounting experience. We’re glad that he chose to pursue the completion of his CPA license at CLH in his role as a staff accountant. We anticipate he’ll be helping the firm to grow in new ways in the future.”