Lynn Duttlinger has a passion for supporting the Alzheimer’s Association and has been actively fundraising for the organization for over 10 years.  She was recently selected to participate in the Alzheimer’s Association Community Leaders Summit in New Orleans, LA.


The summit brings together Alzheimer’s volunteers and staff to learn from one another, and develop a deeper understanding of how the Alzheimer’s Association plays a leading role in Alzheimer’s care, support, advocacy, and research.  Attendees are invited to consider how they might have additional influence in carrying out the mission of the organization. Lynn was inspired by the speakers at the summit, developed new friendships, and looks forward to supporting the organization this coming year.

The Greater Indiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association is capitalizing on the excitement of the Summit in New Orleans and has invited Lynn and over 50 other Indiana Alzheimer’s Association volunteers to attend the inaugural ALZ IN Volunteer Summit in Indianapolis this weekend!  The group expects to collaborate, strategize, and network with one another to “collectively make a difference advancing the Alzheimer’s Association’s mission in Indiana communities.”  Lynn will also be serving on a panel discussion at the IN Volunteer Summit.

Additionally, Bob Lange interviewed Lynn Duttlinger on her extensive involvement and support of the Alzheimer’s Association.  Lynn’s passion to find a cure for Alzheimer’s is evident as she speaks on the many ways in which she has provided support to the Alzheimer’s Association.  View the full-length interview with Lynn below.

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[Updated February 23, 2024]